Photo gallery

Let’s begin at the beginning, a very good place to start:
Here’s not much later, on the steps of Grampa Quick’s kettle house. Neither of us look particularly pleased to be there. But without my sister, I’m fine.
JeffnRobin sitting

And here I am in Grandma’s kitchen, a little later:

Here are some dweeby class pictures. I think I got them in order:

Nothing from junior high, oddly enough. But here I am as a high school sophomore, ca. 1971. Back then I called it, “Cool clothes that Mom bought”. Now it’s called “transvestism”.

Here’s me as a senior, and as a bandsman:
JAQSenJQBand Dweeb

And as an unwitting tool of the New World Order (only that was Tom Wright, not Dave Nehmer):
Metric Sign

The height of my thespian career:Oklahoma 2

As a college freshman, in the Bursley Hall (University of Michigan) bathroom, thinking I’m Da Shit.JAQ1975

Now it’s time for some professional pictures. Here’s me, drawn at the Michigan Renaissance Fair, ca. 1988:

And as a herald trumpeter:

The Moton Waits. L to R: Dan Harris, moi, R. J. Kelley, Martha Stokely (Couto)

August 14, 2010: the premiere of Mass in Honor of St. Maximilian Kolbe, on Kolbe’s saint day. In the basement of the National Shrine, with the winners, L to R: Daniel Knaggs, Mark Nowakowski and James Flood of the Foundation for Sacred Arts (contest sponsors), me, Frank LaRocca
FSA guys