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Born: February 15 or 19, 1856, Cincinnati OH

Died: December 29, 1934


Fr. Ignatius Wilkens, OFM Entered the Order, September 17, 1871; ordained priest, December 21, 1878; in Lafayette IN at St. Boniface's Church, from August 1888 to September 1890 and again, from 1891 to December 1892. From August 1891 to July 1892, he also visited the station Frankfort. Pastor of St. Francis de Sales, Lincoln NE, Jan. 1 1892?-summer 1893. Assistant pastor, Church of st. John the Baptist, Cincinnati, as of 1896

List of sacred works

  • Ave Maria (SATB) MLR
    • in Caecilia
    • Op. 73, Chicago : Gilbert Music Co 1913
  • Ingrediente and Hosanna fillo David, in Caecilia.
  • Mass in honor of John the Baptist, arr. J.A. Schehl, TTB org. Cincinnati: Groene Music, 1907
  • Mass in honor of the Child Jesus, SA, org? JFB 1899, 1927
  • Missa brevis in hon. St. Antonii de Padua : for soprano and alto or tenor and bass, op. 34 1896, JFB 1925
    • in repertoire at St. Mary's Tacoma WA as of summer 2015
  • O Salutaris/Tantum ergo No. 1, SATB org, Cincinnati, Ohio.: Groene Music Publishing,
  • O Salutaris/Tantum ergo No. 2, SATB org Cincinnati, Ohio.: Groene Music Publishing, 1894
  • O Salutaris/Tantum ergo No. 3, SATB org, Cincinnati, Ohio.: Groene Music Publishing,
  • Regina Coeli, SATB org. Cincinnati: Groene, 1894 Soundcloud audio
  • Tantum ergo, Op. 71, TTBB. JFB 1911, in Vade Mecum v. 2 p. 61.
  • Vidi aquam, SATB org, Cincinnati: Groene, 1886


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