Wiegand, John, 1841-1923

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Born: Oct. 28, 1841, Homberg, Germany

Died: . Mar. 15, 1923, Savannah, GA

Biography came to U.S. from Germany at age of 18; violinist with New York Symphony Orchestra; he and his brother George operated a music store in Augusta, Georgia; he moved to Savannah in 1898; composer, teacher, musician)

List of sacred works

  • Asperges me A flat, JFB
  • Ave Maria, H voice, vl, org, JFB 1885
  • Ave verum corpus, SB soli, chorus, JFB
  • Hymn to St. Patrick, solo and chorus, JFB
  • Laetantur coeli, S solo, SATB piano, [http://ks.petruccimusiclibrary.org/files/imglnks/usimg/9/90/IMSLP472542-PMLP766920-Wiegand_Laetentur.pdf JFB 1881}
  • Mass in Eb TTB (org?) JFB
  • Mass in honor of St. Joseph, SATB org/orch, JFB
  • Mass in honor of St. Patrick, SATB org/orch JFB 1884
    • Note: performed at St. Joseph's, Lake Linden MI on Christmas Eve in the early 20th c.
  • Mass in honor of St. Peter, TTB or SAB (org?) JFB
  • Mass in honor of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, JFB, by 1910
  • Mass in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, TTBB (org), JFB
  • O salutaris hostia, SB soli, org, JFB 1896
  • O salutaris hostia in G, SAT org, JFB 1899
  • O salutaris, TTBB, JFB
  • O salutaris in A, H voice, violin, organ. JFB 1896
  • O salutaris in G flat, STB org, JFB 1910
  • Tantum ergo, TTBB, JFB
  • Tantum ergo, SAT soli, chorus, JFB
  • Tantum ergo, Op. 135 No. 2, S solo, SATB, piano JFB 1888 Ed. by J. Quick
  • Veni creator, S solo, SATB, JFB 1884


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