Wels, Charles, 1825-1906

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Born: Prague, Aug. 24, 1825

Died: New York, May 12, 1906

Biography Pupil of Tomaschek. From 1847, Polish court musician, came to NY as pianist, organist, teacher in 1849, Wrote 5 masses, Orchestral suite and overture, piano concerto, piano pieces and songs. (Grove 3 AM.)

List of sacred works

  • Ave Regina in C, OD 1899
  • Grand Mass in C minor : for four voices and organ accompaniment : op. 47. New York: C Breusing, 1859
  • Mass of St. Cecilia : for four voices, and organ or piano : with Latin and English words : op. 107. Boston : Ditson, 1882
  • Third Mass, op. 111 Boston: Ditson, 1883
  • Wels' fourth Mass : for four voices and organ or pianoforte : op. 127 : including Asperges me, Vidi aquam, Veni Creator, and O salutaris. Boston : O Ditson, 1894
  • Fifth Mass in G Op. 134 SATB org OD 1902
  • O Salutaris in F, OD 1899
  • Tantum Ergo in D, OD 1899
  • Viderunt et alleluia, SATB, orch? OD Recording: Columbia Mixed Quartette, Columbia Records, 1915


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