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Born: 1853, Preston, Lancashire

Died: September 1897

Biography Turner, Joseph Egbert, O.S.B., educated at Ampleforth, Yorkshire, organist / choir director at St. Ann's Catholic,Edge Hill, Liverpool.

List of sacred works

  • Adoro te devote,quartet and chorus, Cary
  • Ascendit Deus,bass solo, chorus, Cary
  • Ave pater sanctissime, solo or SATB Cary
  • Ave verum, solo or SATB, Cary
  • Mass of John the Baptist (No. 1, in F), SATB org, Cary 1911
  • Mass of St. Cecilia (No. 2 in Bb) SATB org, Cary 1901
    • Mass of St. Cecilia, JFB
    • Mass of St. Cecilia MLR 1910
  • Mass of St. Mary Magdalen (No. 3 in C), SATB org., Cary
    • Mass of St. Mary Magdalen (No. 3 in C) MLR 1911
  • Mass of the Good Shepherd (No. 4 in F minor), SATB org., Cary 1909
  • Five motets in honour of the blessed sacrament, principally designed for convents, also suitable for mixed choirs, Cary
  • O quam suavis,solo and chorus, Cary


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