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Catholic Romantic Music

Latin liturgical music 1789-1964

A bibliography and download source

This page is designed to be both a scholarly and practical resource in the preservation and dissemination of Roman Catholic liturgical music published between the onset of the French Revolution and the adoption of the vernacular Mass. Unlike sources such as and, the site will be a bibliography first and a download site second. This is to give a clear picture of the extent of liturgical publications. Also, since I am working in America, land of The Mickey Mouse Law, the most misguided copyright regime in the world, I am necessarily limited as to the material I can host here, and I’d rather show what is available than what is available for download.

This is an uncurated site. I will attempt to be as complete as possible, including whatever appalling schlock fits the objective criteria of the collection. I will include historically relevant opinion (such as the Montani black list and white list), and may venture a “Editor’s pick” tag.

I will make every attempt to have page names correspond to Library of Congress name authorities, when these exist. Files hosted on the site will be in pdf (black and white / text) format. Outside files which are linked will be in whatever format they are in.

People interested in contributing should contact me at jaq at case.(educational domain)

Process flow sheet for contributors

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