Singenberger, John Baptist, 1848-1924

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Born: May 25, 1848, Kirchenberg, Switzerland

Died: May 29, 1924, Milwaukee


List of sacred works

  • Adoremus, SA(TB) org 1894 In Caecilia, 1927/1
  • Asperges me/Vidi Aquam/Ecce sacerdos, SA org, Singenberger, 1880
  • Auctor beati SA (TB) org
  • Ave Maria, S solo, SSA, org in Caecilia, 1927, v. 54/10
  • Ave maris stella, 2-part, org
  • Libera me, 1-4vv org Milwaukee, W. Rolfing 1880
  • Mass in D, SA(B) org 1874
  • Mass in honor of St. Joseph SATB org 1874
  • Mass in honor of St. Aloysius, 3-part, org, <1877
  • Missa brevis in honor of St. Stanislai, TTB <1877
  • Mass in honor of Guardian Angels, SATB or, 1877
  • Missa Stabat Mater SATB org, 1878
  • Missa Adoro te, 2 part, org, <1880
  • Mass in honor of St. Gallen SA(B), org . Singenberger, 1880
  • Mass in honor of St. John the Baptist, 2 part org 1880
  • Mass in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, TTBB, 1881
  • Mass in honor of St. Cecilia, SATB org 1881
  • Missa in honorem purissimi cordis B. Mari. SA (B ad lib) org New York: Pustet 1881
    • SATB version 1894?
  • Mass in honor of the Holy Guardian Angels, SA(T)B org 1884
  • Mass in honor of the Holy Ghost SA (TB) 1886
  • Mass in honor of the Holy Family TTBB org, SSA org, SATB or, 1894
  • Mass in honor of St. Gergory TTBB org 1898 SARTB org 1899
  • Mass in honor of St. Anthony SA (B) org 1904
  • Mass in honor of St. Rita, SA org, 1905
  • Mass in honor of St. Francis SA org, SAB org, SATB org, 1910
  • Mass in honor of St. Peter, TTB B org, 1910
  • Oremus pro pontifice, SATB org 1887
  • O salutaris, SARTB org 1894
  • Pange lingua, SSAA 1912
  • Regina coeli, SAB, rev. for SATB 1888
  • Requiem, SA(B) org, 1885
  • Veni creator SATB, TTBB, 1910
  • Vespers in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary SA(TB) org, 1907, rev. 1913


  • Gorman, P. An analysis of the choral music of John Singenberger (1848-1924) as it relates to the musical philosophies of the Caecilian movement. (Madison WI 1994)
  • Singenberger, O. Compositions and works of Prof. John Singenberger. Caecilia 51, Aug 1924.

Grove dictionary of American music, 2nd ed.

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