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Born: Cincinnati OH July 13 (12?), 1882

Died: September 20, 1959, Cincinnati? Death date also given as 1937

Biography Studied with Romeo Gorno (piano), W. S. Sterling (organ) L. Campanari (violin) L.V. Saar (composition) Van der Stucken (orchestration) Member of the Cincinnati Orchestra 10 years, chorus director for the Festivals 10 years, conductor of Mozart Male Chorus 15 years, associate of the AGO. Married Christine Wimberg of Cincinnati; had 11 children, all musical. Choirmaster and organist at St. Lawrence Church and Chapel of the Holy Spirit (The Fenwick), Cincinnati OH in 1930

List of sacred works

  • Adoro te and Tantum ergo, Op.22, 2 part, org. JFB 1932
  • Ave Maria, M voice org, MLR 1952
  • Mass in honor of St. Lawrence SATB orch/org JFB 1930 , 1958
    • Mass in honor of St. Lawrence TTBB JFB
  • Mass in honor of the child Jesus : op. 23,b SAB org, JFB 1941
    • ENGLISH, JFB 1967
    • ENGLISH, 2-pt, JFB 1968
  • Missa de Nativitate D. N. J. C., SA(T)B
    • Missa de Nativitate D.N.J.C. : (Christmas carol mass) : op. 42b 2 pt, org, MLR 1945
  • Missa de Spiritu Paracleto, Op. 40, 3 equal (unis) org, JFB 1948
  • Missa "Quotiescumque" in hon. Ss. Sacramenti op. 30, 2 pt, org, MLR 1941
  • Tantum ergo, op. 15 SATB, JFB 1930


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