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Born: November 6, 1883, Briare, France

Died: November 18, 1966, Nice, France

Biography Son and grand-son of organists, Henri Nibelle attended Niedermeyer School in 1898, before joining the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris, where he obtained in 1906 a first prize for fugue in the class of class Fauré and first runner-up in organ in 1910 in that of Guilmant. At the Ecole Niedermeyer, Henri Nibelle was a student of Master Henri Büsser with Maurice Le Boucher, Defosse, Roger Pénau. He also studied with Louis Vierne who dedicated Caprice, the 3rd of Fantasy Pieces for organ op. 51. He began his career as an organist at the choir organ of the Cathedral of Versailles in 1907. Two years later he took one of the Saint Vincent de Paul Church, Paris, and became organist at the great organ of Saint-François-de-Sales in PAris in 1912 and succeeded Isidore Massuelle as choirmaster of the same church in 1931.

Nearly blind, he left Saint-François-de-Sales in 1959 to retire to Nice and devote himself to composing religious works: short masses, solemn masses, psalms, motets, spiritual songs, etc.

His brother, Emmanuel Nibelle, who died in 1937, was long organist Briare (Loiret), the native village of the family.

List of sacred works

  • Ave Maria, SATB org, Paris : Procure générale (no date)
  • Ave verum, SATB org, St-Leu-la-Forêt [France] : Procure de musique religieuse, 1930s
  • Christus vincit, arr. Reilly 2-3 pt, org, in Caecilia, 60/2 1934
  • Libera me, SATB soli, SATB org, Strasbourg : Editions F. X. Le Roux, 1947
  • Messe à 4 voix mixtes sur des airs de Noëls, SATB org, Strasbourg : F.-X. Leroux, 1948
  • Messe Ave Maris Stella, SATB,Paris : Procure du clergé, Musique sacrée, 1955
  • Messe en l'honneur de Ste-Jeanne d'Arc, 2 pt, org St-Leu-la-Forêt [France] : Procure de musique religieuse (no date)
    • TTB, adapted Georges Renard, Procure de musique religieuse 1946
    • SATB, Paris : Ed. musicales de la Schola Cantorum et de la Procure générales de musique, 1952
  • Messe solennelle : "ecce sacerdos magnus" en l'honneur de Saint-François-de-Sales, SATB, 2 org. Fleurier, Suisse : Editions Musicales de la Schola Cantorum. 1955
  • Messe «Te Deum»
  • Pie Jesu, SATB, Paris : Procure générale (no date)
    • Strasbourg : Editions F. X. Le Roux, 1947
  • Regina coeli, SATB or 2-pt, Paris : Schola Cantorum,1939
  • Tantum ergo, SSA org, Paris : Procure Générale, 1925



Messe Héroïque de Jeanne d’Arc, Panis angelicus, organ works, Concert des Dames/Bourdin

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