Montani, Nicola A. (Nicola Aloysius), 1880-1948

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Born: November 6, 1880, Utica,New York

Died: January 11, 1948 , Philadelphia Biography He went Rome’s St. Cecilia Conservatory in 1903, and in 1904 studied with the monks of Solesmes on the Isle of Wight. From 1906 to 1923 he served at St. John the Evangelist Church in central Philadelphia. He also taught music at Hallahan High School, West Philadelphia Catholic Girls High School, and St. Mary’s Academy. In 1915 he gave concerts of Renaissance polyphony in New York and Philadelphia. He served as editor-in-chief of liturgical music for both G. Schirmer and Boston Music Company publishers.

List of sacred works

  • Alma redemptoris mater, SATB org, GS 1909
  • Ave Maria, SATB org, GS 1910
  • Ave Regina coelorum, SATB org, OD 1922
  • Jubilate Deo, 3 part, Philadelphia, Pa.: St. Gregory, 1934
  • Laudate Dominum, SATB org? Philadelphia, Pa.: St. Gregory Guild, Inc.,1934
  • Mass in honor of St. Ambrose, SATB org
  • Missa Festiva, Op. 24, SATB org/orch.
  • Panis angelicus, SATB org, OD 1922
  • Salve Regina, 3-part, JFB 1933
  • Tantum ergo, SATB org, GS 1910


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