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Born: 1828 (IMSLP: March 24, 1824 ; Wikipedia March 27, 1824, Olevano di Lomellina, Italy)

Died: Stradella, ItalyFebruary 26, 1876

Biography He was born in Olevano di Lomellina, in the province of Pavia

His uncle, Fortunato, and maternal, Luigi Rossi lawyer, played an active part in the revolutionary movements of 1821; the second became a senator of the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1853 and was the guardian of the little Louis, who in 1827 was orphaned of his father. Following this sad event, the family moved to Mortara in the house of his maternal grandparents. Louis received his baccalaureate at the Lateran Fathers of the Convent of Santa Croce. He enrolled in medical school in Turin, but the passion for music that he felt as a boy (he had been a pupil of the organist and composer Don Gaudenzio Bertolli Mortara) turned him away from university studies. He became a sought after teacher and music composer, gifted, according to critics, excellent talent, lively and bizarre ingenuity. He distinguished himself above all as a melodist and author of vocal music.

In 1847 he set to music the anthem Mortara, sang November 2 for the promulgation of the Albertine Statute. He married in 1871 and settled in Stradella.

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