La Hache, Théod. von (Théodor), 1822-1869

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Born: Dresden, Germany, March 1822

Died: New Orleans, Nov. 21, 1869

Biography Possibly born as Theodor Felix von Hacke. Studied composition with K.G. Reissiger in Dresden. Came to the USA in 1842 and settled in New Orleans. First publications in 1846. On 19 February 1846 married Maria Emilia Johnston at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New Orleans. In 1850, he became the first organist at St. Theresa of Avila but also served as choir director and organist at St. Patrick’s, where he was succeeded by Gregorio Curto in 1855. Wrote 12 masses, published into the 1920s.

"All the Masses by (LaHache)" - Society of St. Gregory Black List, 1922 They really are pretty operatic; I'm not sure even I would use them.

List of sacred works

  • Messe (en Fa) de Corpus Christi SAB, org. Mainz : Schott, 1895
    • Corpus Christi mass, SATB org, JFB 1897
  • Jubilee mass, SATB org, New York: W. Hall, 1851
  • La Hache's Mass, in G : (unison, m. or fem. v.), Ditson, 1865
    • Mass in G : for one or two voices with tenor and bass ad lib.,edited and arranged to conform with the motu proprio of his holiness Pope Pius X by Eduardo Marzo, S, SA, or SATF, org Ditson, 1915
  • Mass for double choir, 1852
  • Mass in honor of St. Anthony, 1855
  • Mass in honor of St. Louis : originally written for 3 voices with organ acc.; revised and arr. for 4 voices by B. Hamma SATB org, JFB 1892
  • Mass in honor of St. Peter, Op. 141 3 parts (STB?) org, New orleans : Werlein? 1855
  • Messe de Ste Therese, Schott 1880
  • Mass in honor of the blessed sacrement, 2,3 or 4 v, org, JFB 1892
  • La célèbre Missa pro pace complète. Op. 644, New York: S.T. Gordon, 1867
    • same, Boston: Henry Tolman, 1867
    • Missa pro pace, SATB org, MLR 1917 Note: p.8-10 of original are defective
    • YouTube: Agnus
  • The celebrated unison Mass in F, Ditson 1886
  • Union Mass,in G, Nov. 1858


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