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Born: June 6, 1858, Osnabrück

Died: June 22, 1911, New York

Biography First trained by his father, who was organist of the Cathedral at Osnabrück, then spent 2 years at the Munich Conservatory, studying counterpoint with Rheinberger, piano with Baermann. Came to America in 1878 and toured as a pianist for 5 years. From 1884-94 he was organist at St. Francis Xavier, NY, from 1884-1911 head of the piano dept. at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, from 1887-92 he taught counterpoint and composition at the National Conservatory, from 1904-11 he was organist at St. Ignatius, NY. Founding member of the American Guild of Organists (1896)

List of sacred works

  • Asperges me, op. 76, No. 1; for mixed chorus and organ accompaniment
  • Asperges me, op. 86, no. 1; for chorus of male voices and organ
  • Ave Maria, op. 76, no. 5; for soprano solo, mixed chorus and organ
  • Ave maris stella, Op. 86 no 7, ATTBB, JFB 1905
  • Ave verum, op. 76, no. 7; SATB org JFB 1902
  • Haec dies, SATB, JFB
  • Hodie Christus natus est/Resonet in laudibus, female voices, org JFB 1890
  • Hodie Christus natus est, SATB org, JFB 1898
  • Mass in D for chorus of mixed voices with organ accompaniment, Op. posth, JFB 1912
  • Messe für gemischten Chor mit Orchester- oder Orgelbegleitung Op. 30
  • Messe solennelle for soli, chorus and orchestra or organ accompaniment, Op. 82 JFB 1902
  • Mass in Bb, op. 85, TTBB org JFB 1905
    • Mass in Bb op 85b, arranged for mixed voices by F.W. Goodrich. JFB 1922
  • Missa brevis, opus 90, SATB org JFB 1909
  • Missa de nativitate domini : for female voices (SA, org) JFB 1890
    • Missa de nativitate Domini : for soprano, alto, tenor and bass, op. 44b Bruno Oscar Klein ; arranged by E.J. Biedermann JFB 1898
  • 6 motets for men's voices, Opus 28, No. 1-5 and Opus 86. No. 8 JFB 1925
  • Six motetts for soprano and alto with accompaniment of organ, op. 45, JFB (before 1902)
  • O Maria, virgo pia, op. 86,no. 8, for alto (boy's voice) and male chorus
  • O salutaris hostia, op. 76, no. 2, for chorus of four male voices and organ
  • O salutaris hostia, F, Op. 86 no. 2 TTBB JFB 1905
  • O salutaris hostia, Bb, Op. 86 No, 3 TTBB
  • O salutaris hostia, 1908, op. 91, no. 1, for tenor solo with chorus of mixed voices and organ
  • Paschal mass : including gradual, offertory and Veni Creator, for mixed chorus with accompaniment of orchestra or organ, op. 30 JFB 1891
  • Pie Jesu, Domine, op. 86, no. 6 TTBB JFB 1905
  • Resonet in laudibus, women, org, JFB 1890
    • Resonet in laudibus, SATB org, JFB 1898
  • Sacred compositions, Op. 28: Adoro te (T Bar soli, SATB org), O Sanctissima, Iste confessor, Salve Regina (all TTBB org) New York: Wm. Pond, 1884
  • Salve Regina, Op, 96 no. 1, SATB, JFB 1910
  • Tantum ergo (in G), op. 65, no. 4, for soprano solo, mixed chorus and organ
  • Tantum ergo (in D♭) op. 76, No. 6, for alto solo, mixed chorus and organ
  • Tantum ergo, op. 86, no. 4, for four male voices and organ
  • Tantum ergo, op. 86, no. 4, for four men's voices and organ
  • Tantum ergo (Gregorian), for alto (boy's voices), male chorus and organ, Op. 86 no. 9, JFB 1905
  • Tantum ergo, Eb, Op, 86 No. 10, ATTB org, JFB 1905
  • Tantum ergo, G, Op. 86 no. 5, TTBB JFB 1905
  • Tantum ergo (in G) op. 91, no. 3, for quartet of mixed voices and organ
  • Tantum ergo (in E♭), for bass solo with chorus of mixed voices and organ
  • Terra tremuit, SATB, JFB
  • Veni creator, SATB, JFB


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