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Born: May 15, 1825, Schelklingen

Died: August 4, 1887. Biberach

Biography 1852 Catholic church musician at Stadtpfarrkirche St. Martin in BIberach, which was shared by Catholics and Protestants 1857- 1875 conductor of the male choir Liederkranz Biberach Establishing a mixed choir, which initially called the Oratoriumsverein 1862 also vocal teacher at Biberach Oberschule 1867 Knecht celebration of the 50th anniversary of the death of Justin Heinrich Knecht 1867 foundation of an association for Catholic church music, which is connected to the Cecilianism. 1881 completion of the new organ in St. Martin: Weigle op.95 (III-P / 40) 1884 Kaim is a founding member, the general Cäcilienverein for Germany. 1887 Died on August 4 in Biberach. Successor as a Catholic church musician at St. Martin was August Löhle.

List of sacred works

  • Missa 'Jesu Redemptor', Op.5 SATB Pustet 1875
  • Missa St. Anna
  • Missa St. Cecilia
  • MIssa St. Herici
  • Missa St. Paulina


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