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Born: Tortosa, Spain, (ca. 1805?)

Died: New Orleans, November 19, 1887

Biography Organist at the Cathedral of Soisson, then maître de chapelle at the Sorbonne. Sang bass, making his debut at the Italian Opera in Paris in Rossini's La Gazza Ladra; came to New Orleans in 1830 to sing in the Orleans Theatre, quit singing after several years to specialize in church music; voice teacher of Minnie Hauk. Married famous New Orleans actress Mme Closel. Music director at Sainte Theresa Church, Camp Street, from 1848-1855, St. Patrick's 1855- 1870s? Organist at St. Anne's by 1877

List of sacred works

  • Ave Maria : motet pour soprano ou tenor (+ org). New Orleans: A. E Blackmar, 1870
  • Da pacem Domine, SS org, 1857
  • Ingemisco, offertory for funeral service. solo voice, acc. in "Fischers album of sacred solos"
  • La Sainte Trinité : IIm. messe à 3 voix (soprano, tenor et basse) New Orleans: Louis Grunewald,1870s
  • Messe de Dumont, 5 voices
  • Messe imperiale
  • Notre Dame messe
  • Ste. Anne messe
  • St. Augustin; messe no. 4, dans le style du plain-chant à l'unisson et divisée en deux choeurs. New Orleans, La., Louis Grunewald 1855
  • Ste Cecile (1856) messe
  • Ste Elizabeth messe
  • St. Louis messe
  • St. Philomene messe
  • Ste Thérèse : messe no. 6 à trois voix pour soprano, alto, et basse. New Orleans: 1855
  • St. Vincent de Paul messe
  • L'Immaculée conception, 10éme messe à quatre voix, avec accompagnement d'orgue,New York, L. Dachauer & Co. 1863
  • Ste. Eugénie, 25 me. mesee. A 3 voix soprano, ténor, et basse, New Orleans, Louis Grunewald 1876
  • Monstra te esse matrem, h voice, org. 1857
  • O gloriosa, solo voice, in "Fischers album of sacred solos"
  • O salutaris, solo voice, org, 1857
  • O salutaris, S/T B org, 1857
  • Psalm 84, choir, soloists (by 1851)
  • Requiem (by 1841) with orch?
  • Requiem, SAB org, pub New Orleans 1855
  • Stabat Mater, no. 1. "presented with great success at St. Eustache's Church, in Paris"
  • Stabat Mater no. 2, SATB, orch. G. Brandus & S. Dufour, 1869 (vocal score)
  • Stabat Mater, No. 3
  • Te Deum, 4 v,


  • Baron, John H.: Concert life in nineteenth-century New Orleans : a comprehensive reference. Baton Rouge :Louisiana State University Press, 2013

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