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Born: July 4, 1888, Rome

Died: ca. 1960, Rome

Biography Carnevali studied at the Accademía di Santa Cecilia (possibly between 1913 and 1918) under Giovanni Sgambatti (piano) and Ottorino Respighi (composition). Carnevali worked for a time in the USA, in Chicago (conservatory or music college), New York (Harvard-piano), and at St Patrick's Cathedral in New York City (where he probably succeeded Pietro Yon as organist). He spent some time in Algiers before returning to Rome.

List of sacred works

  • Ave Maria, voice piano JFB 1926
  • Juravit Dominus, SATB, JFB 1948
  • Missa Auxilium Christianorum SATB Ms 1938
  • Missa "Ave verum" : in honor of St. Augustine TTB org JFB 1932
    • SATB JFB 1934
  • Missa Gloria in excelsis Deo : based on Christmas themes SATB org MLR 1955
  • Missa "Jesu, Salvator Mundi." SATB org JFB 1953
  • Missa Maria Mater Gratiae SATB JFB
  • Missa redemisti nos, Domine; in honour of the Most Precious Blood 3-part org MLR 1948
  • Missa Rosa Mystica SATB org JFB 1926, 1953, 1964
    • SAB org JFB 1964
  • Missa Sancta maria, 2-part org, JFB 1948
  • Missa Stella Matutina 2-part org, JFB 1924, 1952?
    • SATB org JFB 1926
  • O Salutaris, TTBB org, JFB 1924
  • Sero te amavi 4-part JFB 1932


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