Browne, J. Lewis (John Lewis), 1864-1933

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Born: Msy 18, 1866, London

Died: October 23, 1933, Chicago

Biography To U.S. 1872. Studied music with father, organist, until 1883; then with S. P. Warren, 1884, and F. Archer, 1887. Organist Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, 1888; or­ganist and conductor symphony con­certs, San Francisco from 1892-98; organist Sacred Heart Church, At­lanta, Ga., 1899-1907; conductor of symphony orchestra in Atlanta. Music director John Wanamaker's, Philadel­phia, 1908-10; organist and choir­master St. Patrick's and Our Lady of Sorrows, Chicago from 1912. Musical deg. N.Y.U. 1902. Made professional appearance Royal Acad., of St. Ce­cilia, Rome, 1901. Several hundred concerts in Philadelphia; toured U.S. as concert organist. Designed organ for Medinah Temple, Chicago, and inaugurated instrument with recital. Head of music, Chicago public schools from 1928

List of sacred works

  • Ave Maria, H voice, pno, JFB 1926
  • Ecce sacerdos magnus, SSAATTBB, MLR
  • Lucis creator optime, SATB org, in Caecilia, v. 60/12, December 1933
  • Missa, in honorem Immaculatae Conceptionis B.V.M., SATB org Cincinnati: John Church, 1922
  • Missa solemnis, SATB. MLR
  • O Salutaris hostia, SATB kbd, Philadelphia: John Church, 1901, 1930
  • O salutaris hostia (no. 2), SATB kbd,JFB 1902
  • Tantum ergo (no. 2), SATB, kbd, JFB (1902?)


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