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Born: Dayton OH, 1863

Died: November 4, 1939?

Biography In 1910, resident in Roxbury MA. Had arrived in Cincinnati from Boston by June 28, 1913, co-founder of the Southern Ohio (now Cincinnati) chapter of the AGO. Organist at St. Francis de Sales Church (Cincinnati?) by 1916. Married to Rosa Barschmid (nee Hegner; Munich Germany Dec. 6 1868-Dayton OH Aug 8 1934). Daughter Marie Barchmid, b. ca. 1900 in CT, married Hubert Endres June 18, 1918 in Hamilton Co. Ohio

List of sacred works

  • Ad te levavi, SATB, BM 1909
  • Beatus vir, OD 1902
  • De Profundis in D, A, org?, OD 1902
  • Deus, tu convertens. Offertory ... for mixed voices. BM 1909
  • Diffusa est gratia. Offertory for women's voices. BM 1909
  • Dixit Dominus, SATB org, OD 1900
  • Improperium. Offertory for Palm Sunday for mixed voices. BM 1909
  • In me gratia, sop, bar (org) OD, <1914
  • Justitiae Domini. Offertory for the Third Sunday in Lent for mixed voices. BM 1909
  • Lauda Jerusalem, SATB org, OD 1902
  • Laudate Dominum. SATB OD 1902
  • Laudate Pueri in D S solo. OD 1900
  • Mass in A minor. OD 1895
  • Mass of the Holy Cross,in F major, SATB, org ad lib GS/BM 1908
  • Mass in D; for mixed voices. GS 1911
  • Short and Easy Mass in G, SATB, org Cincinnati : John Church, 1919
  • Meditabor. Offertory for the Second Sunday in Lent for mixed voices. BM 1909
  • Requiem for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass, with organ accompaniment. OD 1893
  • O Salutaris, SATB org, OD 1900
  • Salve Regina, SATB org, OD 1902
  • Tantum ergo for mixed voices. BM 1909
  • Terra tremuit. Offertory for Easter Sunday for mixed voices. BM 1909
  • Veni Creator Spiritus in F, SATB (org), OD 1895
  • Veni Creator Spiritus for Male Quartet. (In A flat.).OD 1895
  • Two Solos for a Baritone Voice. 1. Veni Creator. 2. O Salutaris Hostia. OD 1895


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