Andriessen, Hendrik, 1892-1981

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Born: September 17, 1892

Died: April 12, 1981


NOTE: I have been informed by Gerard Goossens of Ascolta Music Publishing ( that they own the copyrights to Mr. Andriessen's work. I had a few files on here which were public domain in the US. Apparently they aren't PD anywhere else in the world. Since nobody is paying me to disseminate Mr. Andriessen's music, I've chosen to take the path of least resistance. It is to be hoped that Ascolta in turn will at least get a freaking website up; It's been a long time since Omar Westendorf brought this stuff over on a slow boat from Holland. In the meantime, they may be contacted at: Ascolta Music Publishing Lupine-oord 39 - 3991 VH – Houten – The Netherlands Phone? 00-31-30-6374237

List of sacred works

  • Adoro te. baritone, org
  • Sequentia "Audi tellus". tenor, org.
  • Cantate Domino STB org 1946
  • Hodie Christus natus est SATTBB org 1946
  • De die aeternitatis 1921. SATB
  • Festum Immaculatie Cordis/Beatae Mariae Virginis / (die 22 Augusti) SATB, brass 4331
  • Fiat Domine, voice, org. van Rossum 1957
  • Hymnus in Pentacosten SATB orch
  • In Festo Navitatis Beatae Maria Virg. / Proprium STB org
  • Offertorium "In te speravi"(Missa pro Sponso et Sponsa) 1917. TTBB
  • Jesu Redemptor. sop., piano
  • Laudate Dominum, 3 part, org 1922/1947
  • Laudes Vespertinae Ad duas et tres voces aequales organo comitante 1946
  • Lignum Magnum S solo, SATB org 1959
  • Magna res est amor, sop, org Utrecht : van Rossum, 1919
  • Magnificat, SATB with organ (1936) Boston : E. C. Schirmer, 1950.
    • Annie Bank, 1950
  • Missa Christus Rex (1938) SATTTBB org. Includes Propers for Christ the King
    • SATB org, 1942
  • Missa diatonica/ad sex voces inaequales / a cappella SATTBB van Rossum 1935
  • Missa Fiat voluntas tua : for two equal voices with organ accompaniment Toledo: Gregorian Institute of America, 1958
  • Missa in festo Assumptionis/beatae Mariae Virginis. Ad tres voces inaequales cum organo. STB van Rossum1925
  • Missa pro Defunctis ad tres voces aequales cum organo SAB 1931
  • Missa in honorem Sacratissimi Cordis, with organ (1919)
  • Missa Lauda Sion : |b ad 6 voices inaequales cum organo Amsterdam : Annie Bank, 1950
  • Missa Sanctus Gregorius Magnus, 1944. TTBB org
  • Missa "Sanctus ludovicus". Ad tres voces aequales cum organo 3 part, org. Utrecht: Van Rossum
  • Missa Simplex, ad tres voces aequales a cappella van Rossum, 1929
  • Missa solemnis, SATB SATB with organ (1946)
  • Missa "Splendor Veritates"/ad quator voces inaequales 1928
  • Missa, Te Deum laudamus; ad sex voces inaequales comitante organo. van Rossum 1954
  • Mysteria Gaudiosa, SSAA org
  • Missa "Sponsa Christi." In Festo dedicationis Ecclesiae, ad tres voces aequales cum organo; SSA van Rossum 1932
  • O Sacrum Convivium. 1916. Voice, org.
  • Pater Noster SATB org 1949 Utrecht : van Rossum, 1952.
  • Psalmus 150,chorus et organum 1958 World Library of Sacred Music, 1958. (in English?)
  • Sacerdos et Pontifex, unison, org 1925
  • Te Joseph celebrent. Sop,bar, org
  • Sequentia "Trinitas". Tenor, org
  • Tantum Ergo SATB org
  • Te Deum laudamus, SATB, org, Van Rossum, 1943
    • Utrecht : Herman Zengerink 1970
  • Te Deum laudamus II SSAATTBB orch 1968 Donemus
  • Veni Creator. SATB div. org. 1913 Donemus, 1949.
  • Veni Creator, SATB orch/piano 1960 Donemus, 1961


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