Jeffrey Quick was born in Cass City, Michigan in 1956, and began composing at age 11. He received a BM in music history in 1978 from the University of Michigan, where he studied composition with William Bolcom and Leslie Bassett, and the MM in composition from Cleveland State University in 1991, where he studied with Bain Murray, Rudolph Bubalo and Edwin London. His works are print-published by Hoyt Editions, the American Recorder Society and Lorenz; many of his sacred works are available for free download at, and other works can be purchased for download at He is assistant music librarian at Case Western Reserve University, and directs  the schola cantorum of St. Sebastian Church in Akron OH. A resident of Northeast Ohio since 1986, he lives in Windham, in the northeast corner of Portage Co., on 6 acres with his wife Rusty and assorted poultry.

Awards and Recognitions

1992 : Winner of the Erich Katz Memorial Competition (American Recorder Society) for Picnic Music
1998 : Ohio Music Teachers’ Association Composer of the Year award , commission of Samhain Music for English horn, viola and bass.
2010 : 1st prize in the International Sacred Music Competition for Composers, Foundation for Sacred Arts, Washington DC, for Mass in Honor of St. Maximilian Kolbe
2011 : Composer judge for the Iron Composer competition (Berea, Ohio)

Catalog of Works

(hotlinked titles are mp3 links)

Missa pro defunctis pauperibus – 2016
3 equal voices. ca. 22:30

Two Responsories for Matins of Pentecost -2016
Cum complerentur dies Pentecostes (2:30) — Repleti sunt omnes (2:00)
STB voices a capella.
Commissioned by Timothy Lewis Fox for the Aureas Manus Schola Cantorum, Lafayette IN

Vir erat – 2015
Offertory for 21st Sunday after Pentecost
SATB a capella 2’30”; also for 2 equal voices (TB/SA) with organ

Precatus est Moyses – 2015
Offertory for 12th Sunday after Pentecost
SATB a capella 2’50”; also for 2 equal voices (TB/SA) with organ

The St. Jude Choir Book 2014-
Simple pieces for smaller forces
1. Crux fidelis (unison with optional 3nd part, organ)
2. Ave verum corpus (unison with optional 2nd part, organ) Published by CanticaNOVA
3. Desidero mi Jesu (1-3 voices with organ, 4 voices with optional organ)
4. Falsobordone Mode 6 (3 equal voices) Note: response in recording is by Royce Nickel.

Offertories for Eastertide – 2013-14
SATB a capella
Settings of the English Proper text for each of the Sundays of Easter.
1. The earth trembled.(MIDI mp3)
2. The angel of the Lord descended. (MIDI mp3)
3. Praise the Lord, my soul. (MIDI mp3)
4. O God, my God. (MIDI mp3)
5. Shout joyfully to God.
6. O nations, bless the Lord. (MIDI mp3)

Sancte Michael Archangele – 2012 (2′)
SATB a capella
Text: Pope Leo XIII

SATB a capella
Music for the distribution of ashes on Ash Wednesday, in three movements
1. Immutemur habitu (MIDI MP3)
2. Juxta vestibulum et altare (MIDI mp3)
3. Emendemus in melius (MIDI mp3)
Publisher: New Music Shelf

Parvulus enim natus est nobis – 2011 (duration: 2:15)
6 part chorus (SMzATBarB)
Score at cpdl

Shiloh– 2011 (Duration: 3’10”)
SSA chorus with piano
Poem: Herman Melville

Postula a me – 2010 (Duration: 1:15)
Offertory for Christ the King, for SATTB a capella
Score at

Mass in Honor of Maximilian Kolbe – 2010 (Duration: 8′)
Premiered 8/14/2010 by the Choir of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception / Dr. Peter Latona.
First Prize winner, Category II, Foundation for the Sacred Arts International Sacred Music Competition for Composers
Penitential rite
Glory to God
Gospel accamation
Holy holy
Memorial acclamation A
Memorial acclamation B
Memorial acclamation C
Great Amen
Lamb of God

The Beatitudes – 2010 (Duration: 4′)
SAB chorus (optional divisi), unaccompanied

Super flumina Babylonis – 2008 (Duration: 5′)
Premiered in 2009 by Cantores Cleveland.
Score at

Ave Maria – 2007 (Duration: 1:45)
Score at

Ad te levavi – 2006 (Duration: 1:40)
Score at

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in D – 2001 (Duration: 5:00)
Premiered by Immaculate Conception Schola Cantorum.
SATB, organ. English
Score at

Missa Oculi Virginis – 2000
A parody Mass on “Farley Castle” by Henry Lawes (English Hymnal 217) for SATB
Score at

Mass for Five Voices – 2000
Premiered by Immaculate Conception Schola Cantorum.
Agnus Dei
Score at

Responsoria – 1998 (Duration: 19′)
Premiered in 2006 by (No. 4-6) Immaculate Conception Schola Cantorum, (1,3,7) Cantores Cleveland
I. In Monte Oliveti
II. Tristis est anima mea
III. Ecce vidimus eum
IV. Amicus meus
V. Judas mercator pessimus
VI. Unus ex discipulis
VII. Eram quasi agnus innocens
VIII. Una hora
IX. Seniores populi

Performances by the Immaculate Conception Schola Cantorum (4-6) and Cantores Cleveland (I, III, VII)
Scores at

Propers for the 23rd Sunday after Pentecost – 1998
In Latin, for STB
Dicit Dominus
Liberasti nos
De profundis clamavi
Amen dico vobis
Scores at

Christmas Ceremonies – 1997
Premiered by Old Stone Singers .
SATB. Text: Robert Herrick

Danu in Changetime – 1994
Premiered by Coryton Ensemble.
SSA, melody inst., small harp. Text: S. B. Fisher

Queen and Huntress – 1994
SATB (div), piano. Text: Ben Jonson

A Ritual for the Mother – 1993
Premiered by Coryton Ensemble.
SSA, melody inst., small harp. Text by Katharine Judd.

Missa in tempore belli – 1991
Premiered in 1991 by St. James Anglican Church choir/ Louis Hill.
SATB, SB soloists, organ

Sweet day – 1980 (Duration: 1:45)
SATB Text: George Herbert. Revised 1996
Score at

Symphony in D
2006 (Duration: 25′)
Premiered in 2008 by Suburban Symphony Orch. (Beachwood, OH) / Martin Kessler.
1990 (Duration: 5′)
Premiered by Cleveland Chamber Symphony / Edwin London. Revised 1996
Prayers in the night sky, – 1990 (Duration: 4′)
Premiered in 1990 by Cleveland Chamber Symphony / Edwin London.

Windham Bicentennial (march) – 2011
Premiered 7/4/11 by the Hiram Community Band

The Hi! in Hiram (march) – 2009
Premiered 7/4/09 by the Hiram Community Band

When heroes die – 2005 (Beginning band)
Premiered in 2007 by (reading) Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony / Ciepluch

Overture in Organum – 2002
Premiered by Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony II.

Heroes of Jarbidge (march) – 2001 (Duration: 3′)
Premiered in 2002 by Medina Community Band.

Traditions (12′) – 2017
Clarinet, English horn, Piano, in 2 movements

Light and Variable Winds, 20 mph (2 movements thus far, 6′)
Wind quintet. Recordings by Solaris Wind Quintet, 3/17/13
1. Lament-Variations
2. Assault March of the Assistant Deputy County Environmental Safety Director

A Marriage (not mine) – 2012 (Duration 5′)
Flute and euphonium

Tactical sax – 2011 (Duration: 3′)
AATB saxophones

On This Mountain – 2008 (Duration: 7′)
For soprano, flute, oboe, piano. Text: Isaiah 25
Premiered 4/19/09 by Panoramicos, with soprano Sandra Simon

Trio for violin, alto saxophone and piano – 2007
Publisher: NewMusicShelf
Premiered in 2008 by The Cleveland Duo & James Umble.
Audio file at

String Quartet No. 1 in A – 2007
Premiered in 2007 by Cleveland Chamber Collective.
I. Sonata quasi una ciaccona, II. In silent streets of water, III. Rondo Afro-Gorale
New Music Shelf

Ave Regina coelorum – 2006 (Duration: 6:40)
Premiered in 2006
High soprano, viola, percussion, piano

Fanfare: Woodwinds of Mass Destruction – 2003 (Duration: 1:30′)
for shawms or saxophones SAA. Farewell gift for Adam and Rotem Gilbert

Samhain Music – 1998 (Duration: 15′)
Premiered in 1998 by Margi Griebling-Haigh, Diana Packer, Diana Richardson.
For English horn, viola, and bass. Commissioned by the Ohio Music Teachers’ Association
1. Autumnal separations (canonic rondo), which runs into:
2. Dance of the teenage Satanists
3. First night below

Piano trio – 1997 (Duration: 12′)
Publisher: NewMusicShelf
Premiered by Cleveland Chamber Collective. Subsequent performance 4/11/07 by the Gramercy Trio
I. Allegro agitato, II. Experience: variations after Jeremiah Ingalls

Terzetto Joviale – 1995 (Duration: 12′)
Publisher: Hoyt Editions
Premiered in 1996 by Eugenia McAllister, Dan Gilbert, Lynette Diers Cohen.

“This is a wonderful piece of music. We have received many glowing comments from audience members, all saying they would like to hear more of your music.”- Mike Telin, General Manager, Music & Performing Arts at Trinity Cathedral, Inc., after the Brownbag Concert performance of Nov.6, 1996.

Recipient of an AMC Performer Incentive Grant to the Mariah Wind Trio, Kansas City KS. Mariah performance:
I. Sonata & Allegro, II. Duets & Choruses,III. Promenade & Fugue

The Great Hunger – 1995 (Duration: 9′)
Premiered in 1996 by The Coryton Ensemble.
For flute, violin and harp, for the sesquicentennial of the Irish Potato Famine
Performance by Michael Leese, flute; Jocelyn Chang, harp, and Kwa-hui Tan, violin

Chasmalim – 1994 (Duration: 5:15)

Publisher: Hoyt Editions
Premiered by Paregon Brass Quintet.

Divertimento in C – 1994
Publisher: NewMusicShelf
For flute, violin, viola, violoncello
I. Stephen’s tune, II. Aubade, III. A cute minuet, IV. Jimmy’s march

Picnic Music – 1992 (Duration: 7′)

Publisher: American Recorder Society
For recorders SATB. Winner of the Erich Katz Composition Award.
Also available as a “dish-up” for pic/2fl/a fl
I. (no title)
II. Cage is Dead
III. Reel: the Humours of Tremont

Symphonia Sacra for Christmas Eve – 1991
Premiered in 1991 by Lisa Rainsong, soprano, and instrumentalists.
For soprano, 2 vl., vc. organ. Text by Thomas Merton. Commissioned by St. James Anglican Catholic Church, premiered at Christmas Midnight Mass 1991.

Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano – 1990 (Duration: 8′)
Premiered in 1990 by Magnolia Ensemble.

A Ballad for Bascom -2016 (1:30)
for piano, for the 50th Anniversary of the Bascom Little Fund
Variations on St. Denio – 2011
for organ (manuals only)

O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden – 2009 (Duration: 2:35)
chorale prelude for organ

Warm-up for seven trumpets (for organ) – 2009 (Duration: 4:30)

Down Ampney – 2003
Premiered by Christopher Toth, organ.
Published in Lorenz’ The Organist, Jan. 2012 (as Come Down, O Love Divine)

 40 Days: a prelude on ‘Heinlein’ 2002

Premiered by Fabian Toledo, organ.

The Stockbrokers’ Portfolio – 1975-
Ongoing work (…wherein is contained rags, blues, barcarolles and other morceaux de salon for the pianoforte, composed to the taste of young urban professionals..) This includes these titles:


Blues in A 1998

Pinball Princess1975/1999

Cuyahoga Boat Song 1999

Farewell to Guinness 1999

Night’s Black Bird 2000

Lyrical Fanfare 2001

Vibraphone & Piano – 2017 (Duration: 15′)

Trois Pieces de Salon, for guitar – 2011 (Duration: 9′)
New Music Shelf

Ballade for flute and piano – 2010 (Duration: 5′)
Premiered in 2011 by Bonnie Svetlik, flute.

Seeker Variations – 2008
Premiered in 2008 by Eden Raiz, violoncello (age 16), Elizabeth Johnson, piano.

Sonata for Flute and Piano – 2006 (Duration: 10′)
Premiered in 2007 by Allison Ballard, flute; Adam Whiting, piano.
I. Depressive
II. Manic
Recording by Katherine DeJongh and Eric Charnofsky, from the CCG concert of 2/28/10
New Music Shelf

Sonatina for Baritone Saxophone and Piano – 2002 (Duration: 7′)
Premiered by Thomas Lempner, saxophone.
II. Ballad and Chorus
III.Rondo with Leftovers

Grand Polka de Concours – 1991 (Duration: 6′)
Premiered by Fred Ziwich, clarinet; Maria Pla, piano.

Sonata for Euphonium and Piano – 1989
Publisher: Hoyt Editions
Premiered in 1989 by Jeffrey Quick, euphonium; Nancy Brittain, piano.

Sonata for Oboe and Piano – 1988 (Duration: 10′)
Premiered in 1989 by Mary Shea.

Psalm 23 – 1999
Premiered by Amy Chmielewski, Allison Ballard.
soprano, flute, piano

Woe Unto You – 1998
Premiered by Andrew White, Max Bunker.
med. voice with piano or organ, Biblical text.

Three Mighty Poe Songs – 1997 (Duration: 7:30)
Publisher: NewMusicShelf
Premiered by Andrew White, Paul Gothard.
To Helen

Saturday Morning – 1997
Text: T.W. Gilbert

Annabel Lee – 1996
Publisher: NewMusicShelf
Premiered by Andrew White, Jocelyn Chang.
for baritone and Dilling or pedal harp. Text by Poe

Be Still as You Are Beautiful – 1996
Premiered by Allie Laurie

Adoration of the Shepherds (Brooke Horvath)

My love in her attire – 1995 (Duration: 1′)
Premiered by Andrew White.
anon Elizabethan

Three songs for Bain – 1994
Premiered by Andrew White.
I. After Psalm 90 (Watts)
II. In the Grave No Flower (Millay)
III. Whispers of Heavenly Death (Whitman)

Three songs for baritone and piano – 1991
I.Lost Mistress with Sisters (Quick)
II. To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time (Herrick)
III.The Defiled Sanctuary(Blake)

Five Dorothy Parker songs – 1986
1. One perfect rose
2. Interior
4. Fable
5. Frustration

Unliebeslieder Waltzes – 1977
Text: Richard Brautigan
I. Hinged to Forgetfulness
II. What Happened?
III, Sexual Accident
IV. The First Winter Snow
V. Love Poem
VI. Lovers

Three somber songs – 1977
I. The Abdication of Belief (Dickinson)
II. Days of Wine and Roses (Dowson)
III.With Rue My Heart is Laden (Housman)

“Dry” Brautiganlieder – 1975
Premiered by Jeffrey Quick, Nicholas Underhill.
Text: Richard Brautigan
I. Romeo and Juliet
II. The Winos on Potrero Hill
III. Restaurant